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Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth February 20, 2016

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I haven’t read this one yet . . .but I got a copy during the recent sale. Looks like I should bump it up my list!


Cogling by Jordan ElizabethCombining an epic quest, intriguing technology, and odd magics, with nuanced characters and complex societies, Jordan creates a steampunk fairytale that doesn’t rely on flash and veneer to carry the reader’s interest.

As a member of the lower class, fifteen-year-old Edna Mather considers herself lucky to have secured a job for her and her seven-year-old brother that doesn’t risk losing limbs to machinery. But when her brother collapses into a pile of gears, leaving only an ornate pocket watch behind, she discovers that the apparently merciful Hags are stealing children and replacing them with mechanical duplicates. With the nobles and the police only interested in keeping the poor in their proper place, she is forced to rely on a thief with his own reasons to hate the Hags.

This novel is a fusion of dark fairytale and steampunk. As such, there is a tension between the powerful and illogical magical…

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