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Super Secret Shiny Sneak Peak January 27, 2016

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It’s a great feeling when you get the anthology and realize your story is in great company. I’m looking forward to reading this one.


I am jumping the gun just a little bit here, but I really excited.  You already know that I am being featured in 2016 Immerse Or Die Story Bundle, right? I mentioned that.

Well, in addition to putting together a story bundle of Immerse Or Die Survivors, Jefferson Smith put together a collection of stories from IOD survivor authors, and I was invited to submit.

I put together a little story called, “The First Man In The World”, a Hard SF piece in which I tried to capture the feel of early Larry Niven.  It was outside of my usual style, but I thought it worked.  Evidently so did the panel of judges that Jefferson put together, because it was accepted.

Now, after some editorial work, I got the completed anthology to read over and make one last bug hunt.


Just wow.

I sat down last night…

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Guest Post: The Art of Low Stakes Daily Writing and How It Can Transform Your Year January 22, 2016

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Letting yourself have some “low stakes” writing time really can reinvigorate your writing life. It settles the soul and frees the mind. Excellent article!

The Practice of Creativity

You’re in for a special treat today. I’ve asked friend and AROHO writing buddy, Li Yun Alvarado to share her wisdom about the power of what she calls ‘low stakes daily writing’. Her guidelines are so doable, practical and fun, you’ll want to try them right away.

When we met at AROHO this August, we bonded over the delights and dilemmas of navigating both an academic and creative writing life. As a recent PhD, Li Yun is doing just that with incredible insight and aplomb.

I’m delighted to welcome Li Yun Alvarado to The Practice of Creativity.

Li Yun Alvarado is the author of Words or Water (forthcoming) and Nuyorico, CA. A poet and scholar, her work has appeared or is forthcoming in New Madrid; Wise Latinas: Writers on Higher Education; The Acentos Review; and PMS Poemmemoirstory among others. In 2012, her work received an honorable mention for The…

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Going into the Nitty Gritty January 20, 2016

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Looking forward to checking this out!


This Saturday, I will be co-hosting the first ever episode of the Nitty Gritty Writing podcast with Simon Cantan.

The show will be about writing and publishing from the perspective of people who aren’t big names in author-publishing. Over the weeks, we’ll be sharing our own journeys as authors, what we’re trying at the moment, and any tips we have for avoiding or overcoming the obstacles we’ve hit in the past.

Make sure to tune in from 19:30 GMT to find out more.

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Story Bundle January 13, 2016

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There are a few here I’ve been meaning to read.


I’ve mentioned Jefferson Smith’s Immerse Or Die Report before.

The concept is brutal in its simplicity.  Every morning he takes a self-published novel or story collection and gets on his treadmill for forty minutes. When he runs across something that breaks immersion–unclear syntax, wooden dialogue, boring exposition, pretty much anything that makes him look away from the page–the work gets one strike.  Three strikes, and it’s out.  The ones that make it past the forty minute mark without collecting three strikes are considered survivors.

It’s a tough standard–kind of a Gobi torture test for literature.

Of the two hundred and five novels that he put through the mill in 2015,he chose nine survivors to be included in the 2015 Immerse Or Die Story Bundle.

As it happens, Catskinner’s Book is one of the nine.

All Covers Large

Yeah, it’s there, second row, far left.  He didn’t like my original cover (in his review…

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The Pressure to Be Super Human January 12, 2016

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Pursuing your passion is not an easy road, but so worth it! Great post from Kate M. Colby, a writer-friend I expect to continue seeing great things from.

Kate M. Colby

During my time as a Sociology major, I took a few classes that focused on gender and family. In these, we learned about the changing roles of women in society, and how modern women often feel pressure to work a “Second Shift” to fulfill their roles. Decades ago, women only had to focus on being a wife and mother. In modern society, women are still expected to thrive in the domestic sphere–while also holding down a full-time career. In other words, they can (and should, in most people’s opinions) do it all.

But this article isn’t about Feminism and the roles of women. It’s about authors.

Decades ago, the life of the author (or, more accurately, the romanticized view we hold of it) was quite different. You simply jetted off to Paris with Hemingway and Fitzgerald, got rip-roaring drunk, and spouted your brilliance. A publisher then plucked it from your hands…

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2016 Goals January 2, 2016

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Setting solid goals is always motivating for me. Here are mine for 2016:

I’m probably over ambitious, but that’s how I roll.

1. See my sequel (Change of Life) through production and have a great book launch (April 20, 2016)
2. Find publishing homes for Cold Spring and His Other Mother, my unpublished novels
3. Finish the three-quel: Face the Change
4. Finish the research for Cold Spring’s untitled sequel and start writing it again
5. Revise my middle grades piece: Rat Jones and the Lacrosse Zombies, and get it out there for consideration
6. Sell enough copies of Going Through the Change to qualify for SFWA membership

Diane Riggins

Some goals were met last year and some weren’t but that’s okay. I have set up my new goals for the new year and I believe they will be accomplished. Good luck to everyone this year. May we all achieve the goals we set for ourselves this year. 🙂

Here are my goals for the year:

  1. Publish at least 2 books and/or at least 4 to 5 short stories.
  2. Finish what I call phase 1 of the game design project
  3. Start my company
  4. Set writing goals for myself and stick to them
  5. Work on another project with other authors (possibly find a writing partner to work with on several projects)

Look forward to hearing about goals everyone has for 2016 🙂

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