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Retreating into reading: The refuge of older books February 11, 2017

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I hadn’t really thought of it as a comfort thing, but I’ve been drawn to old favorites as well of late.


What Writing Taught Me About Exercise February 2, 2017

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There are a lot of similarities between the things that work to build a successful writing life, and a healthy self-care sort of life. Attitude is a huge part of both.

Kate M. Colby

writing-and-exerciseBelieve it or not, I used to be a “sporty” kid. Now, I’m not saying that I had great athletic talent (far from it), but I played basketball for seven years, tried cheerleading and volleyball for two, and rode horses competitively (and for leisure) until I went to university. However, somewhere along the way I lost touch with physical activity.

“Somewhere” means age 14 to 15. It started in freshman volleyball, when my coach played favorites (I was not one) and made the rest of the team miserable. Couple that with breaking my arm while horseback riding the following summer, and I was ready to give up sports. I went from a casual athlete to a proud, non-exercising emo kid (but that’s another story).

Since graduating university, I’ve tried to get back into exercise. It’s been a difficult journey, but I think I’m finally making worthy progress again. While I…

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