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Friend or Foe: A Menopausal Superhero Short Story Collection August 10, 2017

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The All Night Library

Friend Or Foe by Samantha Bryant is a collection of 4 short stories that bridges the gaps in the menopausal superhero novel series. In comics they sometimes have story arcs that last several issues but sometimes they will have a one shot between stories. This book is all about giving you little details that you didn’t get in the novels.

The first story set before book 1 is “Intervention” and it goes back in time to when Patricia and Cindy Lu were friends. You could say it’s an orgin story for Cindy as we see what made her decide to be a mad scientist. In this one you feel sympathy for her but in the future you see her as caring more about science and progress than people. The theme here could be that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. You also see Patricia already acting like…

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Change Of Life August 7, 2017

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w00t! Thanks. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks for your time in reading and reviewing. Every review helps!

The All Night Library

The last time we saw the characters of Going Through The Change they were involved in a climactic brawl at the end of a search for answers. Change Of Life by Samantha Bryant begins several months after the events of book one. Patricia who can turn into a lizard like creature is still trying to find her former friend and scientist Cindy Lu who has changed from a 67-year-old woman to a young girl. We also have Leonel who changed from a woman to a man and Jessica who can now fly. They have joined a top-secret organization called The Department and are training to be super spies

Jessica and Leonel believe they are using their powers for something greater and Patricia feels abandoned by them. Things start to get more complicated as Patricia gets kidnapped and the clues to what happened point to a dead man…

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The Al Capone theory of sexual harassment July 19, 2017

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Fascinating read . . .and reads true from my own experience, too.

hypatia dot ca

This post was co-authored by Valerie Aurora and Leigh Honeywell and cross-posted on both of our blogs.

We’re thrilled with the recenttrendtowards sexual harassment in the tech industry having actual consequences – for the perpetrator, not the target, for a change. We decided it was time to write a post explaining what we’ve been calling “the Al Capone Theory of Sexual Harassment.” (We can’t remember which of us came up with the name, Leigh or Valerie, so we’re taking joint credit for it.) We developed the Al Capone Theory over several years of researching and recording racism and sexism in computer security, open source software, venture capital, and other parts of the tech industry. To explain, we’ll need a brief historical detour – stick with us.

As you may already know, Al Capone was a famous Prohibition-era bootlegger who, among other things, ordered murders…

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Live! In the Link Age 07.11.17. July 11, 2017

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Thanks for the mention! Today is release day for Face the Change and I’m so excited to share this new work with readers.


Going Through The Change: (Menopausal Superheroes #1) July 10, 2017

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Just in time to celebrate the release of book 3 on July 11, a thoughtful review of book 1. Thanks!

The All Night Library

As women enter menopause their bodies go through a lot of changes. They have to deal with such things as hot flashes, itchy skin, mood swings and hormonal imbalances. For the women in Going Through The Change: (Menopausal Superheroes #1) by Samantha Bryant these changes lead to superhuman strength. It all started with four women taking supplements made by Dr. Cindy Liu for their menopause symptoms.

Now we have Linda who has become a man, Helen who can throw fire, Jessica who now flies and Patricia who is bullet proof. None of the women understand why these changes happened and now they’re trying to find Dr. Cindy Lu to get some answers. What they don’t know is Cindy Liu is going through some changes herself and the answers they seek will change their lives forever.

As soon as I saw the cover for this book I thought of it as…

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Twisting the Tropes July 3, 2017

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Thanks for hosting me today. The post looks great!


Those of us facing the change may be old enough to have been told we don’t discuss such things, but we’re also old enough to have learned to ignore that advice. In fact, we’re at the age where we start rethinking a lot of the commonly assumed ideas we run into everyday. Here today with a whole new look at not only menopause, but also women and superheros, is Samantha Bryant. Welcome, Samantha!

What inspired this book?

My husband and I had just watched a superhero movie. I’m not actually sure which one it was now, but it featured another adolescent hero getting powers alongside hormones. As we often do after we watch a movie, we were walking our dog and talking about the movie. I was kvetching a bit about how young all the characters were and that it was difficult for me to connect with teenage superheroes. I…

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A Terror and an Aphrodisiac June 26, 2017

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Awesome. As always, powerful characterizations so quickly. Definitely left me wanting to read more.


I could see her from the end of the block. She was sitting on the sidewalk under the yellow-orange street lamp, next to a pile of white rubbish bags from the nail salon next door. There was something white sticking from her mouth, bigger than a cigarette. A thermometer maybe. And she was holding an ice pack over her eye. It was fresh, which meant Abdul had probably given it to her. I could see him as I approached, peering out the window of the shop, making sure the crazy white girl with the black eye was okay on the street.

He smiled and waved when he saw me coming.

“It’s all right,” I called through the glass. “I’ll take care of her.”

Abdul Suleiman was the 50-something owner of the Halal market under my apartment, and my landlord. He had a sloping bald head with an arc of black…

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