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No Happy Endings: My Book was Pirated. Now Amazon is Punishing Me January 11, 2022

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Good freaking lord. Time to consider yanking all our work from Amazon.

Nancy O'Toole

At the end of each of my books, you will find a section entitled “Also by Nancy O’Toole.” This neat little list contains all of the books I have written since my first novel came out in 2018. I don’t necessarily update this after every book is released. Once you have a handful of titles under your belt, it can be quite a bit of time suck. But seeing this list grow over time gives me pride. So to start off 2022, I went back and updated it, dutifully re-uploading each copy onto amazon’s self-publishing service, kdp.

A few days later, I got the strangest email.

The book in question is The Rose and the Claw, the first book in my Twin Kingdoms Series. According to the email, Amazon was confused about whether it was an original work or a public domain work. I immediately assumed that this was…

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