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Patricia Saves the Beauty Queen, by Samantha Bryant April 29, 2015

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My short story on Chad C. Clark’s bakedscribe today!


Hormones and Superheroes: A Menopause Novel Giveaway April 27, 2015

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It’s not too late to enter this giveaway!

Friend For The Ride

Going Through the Change

(Cover art by Polina Sapershteyn)

A post by speculative fiction writer Samantha Bryant:

Menopause can be a pretty scary word. In a world that values youth and physical perfection above experience and knowledge, especially for women, getting older is fraught with psychic landmines. The process can make you doubt your own self worth.

Besides what the world thinks, there’s that feeling that your body is betraying you, changing physical shape around you and surprising you with new changes in function. You can start to feel like you can’t trust your own senses. Is it hot in here? No? Guess it’s just me, then.

As a writer, when something scares me, it comes out on the page. In the stories and characters I create, I can deal with the things that worry or upset me. I always tell my husband that it’s cheaper than therapy.  That’s exactly what happened with Going…

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Looking for me? April 1, 2015

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Well, I’m not really here yet. I’m planning to move my blog over to WordPress soon, and make it more of a full website. But for now, you can find me at http://samanthabryant.com