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Summer Learning at the Orange County Public Library May 25, 2017

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Yay! Looking forward to all of these things!

Friends of the Orange County Public Library

Summer Learning 1 pagerSummer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time for Summer Learning at the Orange County Public Library! This year’s theme is “Build a Better World,” and the Friends are proud to sponsor many fun and engaging activities at the Library over the summer, for learners of all ages. It all kicks off Saturday, June 3, beginning with a 5K walk and fun run on the Riverwalk at 8 a.m. Then head over to the library from 9 a.m. to noon for a sign-up registration party, with activities for kids, folk music, snoballs, and more.

Over the summer, you can enjoy local author panels, family yoga, an ice cream social, and National Dance Day. Read great books, of course, and find out how you can make a difference in your community and library by volunteering. For more information, visit the library’s website.

The Friends will sponsor two author panels over…

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Welfare Is Cheaper and Smarter

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Interesting . . . as a public educator in the United States, I get frustrated by how little we’re wiling to invest in children to keep them from ending in jail eventually. I guess there’s more profit in jails than in schools, despite their best efforts to profit off schools, too.


The question of whether there is something immoral about not working for a living is complex addressing partially as it does issues of the soul. However, a basic income for all adults has been shown to save money as well as improve lives, so must feature in discussions of sound economic policy.

Even those liberals and progressives who don’t accept trickle-down economics can’t argue with the reduction in poverty creating a smarter populace.

And, in addition to Bregman’s submission that basic-income programs don’t lead to an increase in healthcare spending, welfare spending, or unemployment, a recent study of the Canadian Mincome data suggests that basic income might reduce the number of households with children where mothers work – or work full time. More children growing up with a parent present. Fewer school resources spent on providing out-of-hours child-minding. It’s not a cure for the world, but it does build stronger…

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For all the writers out there… Links!

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Many great reads in here for the writerly sort.