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Read Chapter One of The Courtesan’s Avenger September 7, 2016

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I read and really enjoyed The Cogsmith’s Daughter and am anxiously awaiting book 2. If you like a strong heroine and stories of intrigue and double cross, you’ll love it.

Kate M. Colby

perf5.250x8.000.inddWant a preview of The Courtesan’s Avenger (Desertera #2)? Click the link below to read the first chapter now.

SPOILER ALERT: This chapter contains spoilers for The Cogsmith’s Daughter (Desertera #1)If you have yet to read TCD, I highly recommend you do it first — it’s only $0.99 until September 20th.

Read Chapter One of The Courtesan’s Avenger now!

And remember: you can pre-order the ebook today. It comes with an exclusive Q&A with me about the novel and my plans for the rest of the Desertera series. Click here to pre-order yours.

Paperbacks will be available in two weeks.

Happy reading!

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Hidden Heroes

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Public Pedagogy is scary stuff, with all the subtle and destructive lessons for women. Good talk!


This doesn’t really need glossing.

However, to give personal context, I played with a doll houses when I was young and grew up to be manly enough.

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Five Things You Need to Know About The Courtesan’s Avenger (Pre-Order Available!) September 3, 2016

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I’m looking forward to the sequel and will help spread the word about your sale. 🙂

Kate M. Colby

The title of this one says it all, folks. As regular readers will know, I have a new book coming out this month: The Courtesan’s Avenger (Desertera #2). If you’ve been living under a rock (or in more interesting corners of the Internet), here are five things you need to know to get up to speed. Read them, then pre-order your copy on your favorite online retailer.

perf5.250x8.000.inddIt’s a sequel!

As you’ll see in the title, The Courtesan’s Avenger is the second book in the Desertera series (aka Desertera #2). It’s the sequel to The Cogsmith’s Daughter (Desertera #1), and a continuation of the story. It picks up about a month after the action of TCD, only with one major change to the storytelling …

It’s written from Dellwyn’s perspective.

For those of you who have read The Cogsmith’s Daughter, you’ll likely remember Aya’s best friend…

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