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Against the Love of It June 15, 2020

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A thoughtful post.


In response to last week’s post about tearing down statues, Misha Burnett pointed out that positive discrimination denies white males jobs, grants, and other things they are qualified for. And I agree totally with his unstated assumption that it isn’t fair to punish white males for the actions of their ancestors, in the same way that it isn’t fair that entire families are locked up because one member speaks out against the glorious leader.

However, I also see the merit in the assumption behind positive discrimination: that if generations of, for example, African Americans have been in a worst economic position due to racism, then overcoming that requires giving the current generation a countervailing advantage. Or to put it another way, if one child hasn’t eaten today and another hasn’t eaten this week, you give more of the sandwich to the child who hasn’t eaten for days.

Of course, that…

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