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Book Reviewing Isn’t Simple – The Dark Truth of Author Bullying January 29, 2017

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If you’re putting yourself out there as a professional writer, you need to develop some professionalism. Creative works are personal, but you have to get a little distance if you’re going to grow as an artist, and that means taking criticism like a grown-up, and recognizing that it might be valid, even when it’s painful. Or, at the very least, reacting with a little poise and grace instead of throwing a tantrum like some kind of toddler.

I hate that this book reviewer received such vitriol and abuse when she was trying to help. Heck, even if she’d been rude and obnoxious, she didn’t deserve to be attacked in return (she wasn’t, BTW).

Come on people, what are we? Twelve? Find some big-girl panties and put them on. Nobody wants to change your diapers.



*Ok, I’m honestly a little scared of posting this as I don’t want any more harassment from the wrong people…

The above picture pretty much sums up how I feel today.  I’m exhausted and drained from all the horrible things that have happened recently.  I’ve faced cold distant treatment, attacks on facebook and now I’ve been bullied privately, all because I wanted to be honest and help out an author.

Back in October I wrote this post A Tough Decision – Don’t blame the Book Blogger Blame Your Fellow Indies 😦 after facing a load of abuse from some indie authors.  In the post I talked about my tough decision to stop reviewing indie books, but several weeks later, after having only good communications, I took back my ‘no-indie’ policy and started receiving indie requests again.  BEFORE I go on I must point out that this post isn’t talking about all the…

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