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When Criticism is the Best Medicine August 27, 2016

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Criticism does sting . .. but sometimes the medicine you really need stings a bit. 🙂

Curiomancy (fantastic art + fiction + thought)

When you start writing, you have the ambivalence of a toddler who both wants help down the stairs and wants to do it himself. You know you need critical feedback, but you’re inexperienced, unsure of your work — which we authors often conflate with our selves — and therefore wary of the sting. Those of you afraid of needles will know that feeling, that sometimes the best medicine hurts.

And constructive criticism IS the best medicine. I’ve said multiple times now (and will go right on saying) there is only one bit of writing advice in the whole entire world:

Solicit constructive feedback
Critically evaluate feedback

That’s it. You really don’t have to read another “Top Ten Tips for Writing” article ever again.

But that second step can really sting, especially when you recognize the feedback is valid. (If you rarely have that experience, it’s not proof of…

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