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Classic Writing Advice: Write Every Day August 12, 2016

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I’m with you here. I write every day, but as I moved into life as a published author, I altered my definition of writing somewhat. I count blog posts, business emails, journal writing as well as new words on the fiction project. If I’m in editing/revision mode, I record 10% of edited words as my word count for the day. The important thing is that I give my writing life attention each and every day. It’s too easy for dreams to slide under the heap of life demands if you don’t fight for them.

Kate M. Colby

In this new series, I want to explore some of the classic writing advice given to authors and provide my opinions on and experiences with them. I don’t do this because I think I’m some brilliant writing authority – far from it. Rather, I’ve learned the most valuable writing lesson of all, one that you’ve probably heard, but that takes a long time to sink in:

There is no magic secret to writing. You just do it, and every writer does it differently.

writingBUT, even if you (logically) know this to be true, chances are you’ve Googled anyway (don’t be embarrassed – I still do it, too!). In those well-meaning search results, you’ve likely seen the golden nugget of writing advice: write every day.

A literal interpretation demands that you type/hand write/dictate new words every single day.

In theory, this is great advice. After all, even if you just write…

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