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What Can You Do in A Year? August 10, 2016

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For me, the awesome that made the awesomesauce was the “this is real” moments–like being interviewed on the radio, having a poster in a bookstore window, seeing my book on the shelf at my public library, etc. I’m halfway through my second year now, with the second book out, and it’s become a balancing act of promotional activities while still writing quickly enough to keep up a pace of new releases. I kind of miss the slower pace of bringing out the first book alone.

Kate M. Colby

cork popSo often, we gauge the passing of a year by the calendar, a birthday, or a wedding anniversary. Today, I want to mark a different kind of anniversary. One year ago today, I wrote a reflection post on my recent move to New Haven, Connecticut (I’d lived there eight days at the time). In it, I shared my initial impressions of the city, my concerns about living in a new place, and my hopes for the year to come. Now, I’d like to look back and share what wisdom I’ve gleaned for others.

When it comes to New Haven itself, I’ll be brief. My first post talked about the beautiful architecture, the (seemingly) tasty restaurants, and the various tourist attractions. They’re all still there, and all still great. I also mentioned the potential new friendships Daniel (my husband) and I had started growing, and I’m happy to report that they…

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