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Curiosity Quills: Chronology June 24, 2016

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What I love about anthologies is the opportunity to get an introduction to several writers’ works in one single book. That way you can fill up your TBR list with the stuff you like best.


Curiosity Quills: ChronologyThis anthology contains 24 short stories of speculative fiction in a range of genres and styles.

  • ‘Draconic King’ by James Wymore: seeing weakness in a neighbouring country, a young king attempts to convince the dragon who aided his ancestors to join his invasion.

  • ‘Wind Up Hearts’ by Stan Swanson: two people, granted longevity by an experimental clockwork heart, seek a future defined by more than their mutual technology.

  • ‘Flight of the Pegasus’ by Darin Kennedy: a government agent attempts to convince a savant to aid him in a mission against a super-villain.

  • ‘That Which is Hidden’ by Julie Frost: A werewolf resolves to track the killers of the only woman who didn’t judge him by his condition.

  • ‘Whitechapel’ by Andrew Buckley: when the forces of darkness clothe themselves in the form of prostitutes and the downtrodden, a man is forced to keep the streets of Victorian London safe.

  • ‘The Lair’…

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