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The Lightness of Gold June 13, 2016

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As always, a thoughtful post. Reading Dave always gives me something to think about.


Do artists owe a duty to speak true things? A complex topic in itself, but more complex is whether that duty takes precedence over selling work.

The rather spiffing Austin Hackney made several interesting comments in response to last week’s post on avoiding gendered language: among them that authors need to consider commercial realities, but also need to consider the impact of their art.

I try to do good with my books as in all things. However, even if an author doesn’t want to think about the “message” of their work, any random person bears responsibility for their words, so it seems hard to challenge the assertion authors bear a responsibility to write more than merely unconsidered entertainment.

A more interesting question is whether and to what extent that duty overrides the best commercial strategy.

On the face of it rejecting the tropes, symbols, trappings and such that debase…

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One Response to “The Lightness of Gold”

  1. Dave Higgins Says:

    Glad you liked it.

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