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How To Date Dead Guys by Ann M. Noser May 13, 2016

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This is still on my TBR, but everything I read about it only encourages me to find the time in my reading life for it. Summer break can’t get here too soon!


How To Date Dead Guys by Ann M. NoserInterweaving young romance, survivor guilt, and the supernatural while keeping a firm base of normal, average, US college life, Noser creates a story that provides occult mystery and the travails of love without allowing either to steal the limelight.

Emma Roberts is a responsible student, putting her college essays ahead of partying, volunteering as a tutor, and staying sober; she even puts her education ahead of spending time with Mike, the most handsome frisbee thrower she’s ever seen. But when her sense of responsibility leads her to follow a drunken Mike into the river, she is blamed for his death. Ostracised by former friends and guilt-ridden, she chances across a book of spells left by her former-roommate’s sister, and decides she has nothing to lose. As her ritual reaches its climax, the river gives up the dead – but not the dead man she anticipated.

While this novel is fantasy…

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