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Change of Life by Samantha Bryant April 29, 2016

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Thanks for the review, Dave! I’m so happy that you enjoyed it.


Change of Life by Samantha BryantMixing questions of gender and age bias with fast-paced fights and nail-biting reversals, Bryant continues her exploration of mature superheroism.

This is the second volume in the Menopausal Superhero series. Following the defeat – and subsequent escape – of mad scientist, Cindy Liu, Linda/Leonel (the tiny woman in a strongman’s body) and Jessica (the lighter-than-air ex-gymnast) have joined the Department, a secret organisation dedicated to investigating and restraining the odd and freakish. Meanwhile, Patricia (the sometimes lizard person) has taken early retirement so she can devote her time to hunting down Cindy. Learning the skills needed for their new lives is trouble enough, and then Patricia is kidnapped by a dead man.

As with the previous volume, Going Through the Change, this novel is a mix of classic superhero action and character-driven realism. However, this time the placement of the Department front and centre gives Bryant an opportunity to…

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One Response to “Change of Life by Samantha Bryant”

  1. Dave Higgins Says:

    And I’m glad that you enjoyed that I enjoyed it. ; )

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