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Politic Discourse March 2, 2016

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As they say: If you try to please everyone, you’ll please no one. I say, you should write about whatever you want: in your fiction or on your blog.


One of the most common pieces of advice given to people who both blog and have a professional online platform (authors, musicians, bespoke-weasel-waistcoat tailors, &c.) is to avoid discussing politics and religion; indeed it is such pervasive advice that some give it to anyone as the answer to any situation. However, as with many rules that can be expressed in a brief sentence, it is usually given without an important modifier: without reason.

Politics and religion are both emotive topics. While there are no doubt those who disagree about the exact value of π, their dispute is likely to be over abstruse questions of mathematics rather than over whether it is evil to use a particular method; and so with most discussions of hard science. However, the same is not true of politics and religion; both speak to our identity and sense of worth in a way that preferring string…

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