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A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal March 21, 2016

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(a repost from my “real” blog at http://samanthabryant.com)
I’m very excited to be participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge again this year. This will be my third time, and I always find it to be a wonderful ride. It feels like a real accomplishment when you make it all the way to Z.  It’s an opportunity to connect with other bloggers, and to explore a theme that is close to your heart.



For me, that’s going to be superheroes.
If you know me, you’re probably going, “Hello Megan!”

It’s a completely obvious theme for me. I love superheroes. They are some of the stories that touch closest to the heart of me. The combination of “what if” with strong character arcs and moral quandaries makes me squee like the fangirl I am at heart. I even have my own superhero series (Menopausal Heroes) going, the second book of which (Change of Life) comes out in April!

So, I’ll be writing about my favorite superheroes and why I love them. Here’s what I have in mind, though, as a woman and a writer, I reserve the right to change my mind along the way.
A is for Antman
B is for Buffy
C is for Cyborg
D is for Daredevil
E is for Elastigirl
F is for Flash Gordon
G is for Gamora
H is for Hawkgirl
I is for Ironman
J is for James Bond
K is for Kid Flash
L is for Leonardo
M is for Ms. Marvel
N is for Nick Fury
O is for Obi-Wan Kenobi
P is for Phantom
Q is for Quicksilver
R is for Red Sonja
S is for Swamp Thing
T is for The Tick
U is for Underdog
V is for Velma
W is for Wolverine
X is for Professor X
Y is for Gertrude Yorkes
Z is for Zorro
I’m excited just reading my own list, because it includes so many imaginary people that are dear to me for one reason or another. I can’t wait to share them with you. You can also check out my offerings from 2015: My Writing/Publishing Journey and 2014: Evocative Words here on my blog.

If you would like to play along or just see what other bloggers out there are doing with this challenge, please check out the Blogging from A to Z Challenge webpage or this linky for theme reveals.


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