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Money For New Thoughts March 17, 2016

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What a lovely idea! I could learn to live on whatever the base level was to have control of my time.


The comments thread on Monday’s post about paying people to write has revealed an interesting commonality: without controls anyone would sign up. So, I thought I’d post my response as a separate article: that’s what I want.

In fact, I want to remove the obstacle of needing even a pretence of using it to compensate for books written or art produced.

The current unemployment benefit system in the United Kingdom involves a complex structure of testing based on amount of National Insurance paid in the past, savings, income, and active search for work; with active search for work being measured with a high-level box-ticking metric of X jobs in fields A,B, & C per Y weeks rather than a holistic effort-to-become-permanently-employed judgement. In addition to pressing people who want to develop themselves with a long-term improvement (for example, a degree) to instead take a low-level job, this testing structure produces…

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One Response to “Money For New Thoughts”

  1. Dave Higgins Says:

    Glad it spoke to you.

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