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Dangerous When Bored

Indie Author: Ashley Capes February 15, 2016

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“life will always try and crush you but if you’re stubborn enough, sometimes you can keep your head above water. ” See, Mom? I told you my stubbornness was a good thing.

Scarborough Mysteries

ashleypicBack for another week of our tour which I am co-hosting with the talented Kate M Colby, http://katemcolby.com, and today I am welcoming Ashley Capes, fantasy/magic realism writer, with his book, The Fairy Wren. Ashley is a poet, novelist and teacher living in Australia. He’s the author of six poetry collections and five novels and was poetry editor for Page Seventeen from issues 8-10. He also moderates online renku group Issa’s Snail. Ashley teaches English, Media and Music Production, has played in a metal band, worked in an art gallery and slaved away at music retail. Aside from reading and writing, Ashley loves volleyball and Studio Ghibli – and Magnum PI, easily one of the greatest television shows ever made.

The Fairy Wren:From the moment a fairy wren drops his lost wedding ring at his feet, Paul realises there’s more magic to the world than he thought…
When Paul…

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