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Super Secret Shiny Sneak Peak January 27, 2016

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It’s a great feeling when you get the anthology and realize your story is in great company. I’m looking forward to reading this one.


I am jumping the gun just a little bit here, but I really excited.  You already know that I am being featured in 2016 Immerse Or Die Story Bundle, right? I mentioned that.

Well, in addition to putting together a story bundle of Immerse Or Die Survivors, Jefferson Smith put together a collection of stories from IOD survivor authors, and I was invited to submit.

I put together a little story called, “The First Man In The World”, a Hard SF piece in which I tried to capture the feel of early Larry Niven.  It was outside of my usual style, but I thought it worked.  Evidently so did the panel of judges that Jefferson put together, because it was accepted.

Now, after some editorial work, I got the completed anthology to read over and make one last bug hunt.


Just wow.

I sat down last night…

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