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Guest Post: The Art of Low Stakes Daily Writing and How It Can Transform Your Year January 22, 2016

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Letting yourself have some “low stakes” writing time really can reinvigorate your writing life. It settles the soul and frees the mind. Excellent article!

The Practice of Creativity

You’re in for a special treat today. I’ve asked friend and AROHO writing buddy, Li Yun Alvarado to share her wisdom about the power of what she calls ‘low stakes daily writing’. Her guidelines are so doable, practical and fun, you’ll want to try them right away.

When we met at AROHO this August, we bonded over the delights and dilemmas of navigating both an academic and creative writing life. As a recent PhD, Li Yun is doing just that with incredible insight and aplomb.

I’m delighted to welcome Li Yun Alvarado to The Practice of Creativity.

Li Yun Alvarado is the author of Words or Water (forthcoming) and Nuyorico, CA. A poet and scholar, her work has appeared or is forthcoming in New Madrid; Wise Latinas: Writers on Higher Education; The Acentos Review; and PMS Poemmemoirstory among others. In 2012, her work received an honorable mention for The…

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