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2016 Goals January 2, 2016

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Setting solid goals is always motivating for me. Here are mine for 2016:

I’m probably over ambitious, but that’s how I roll.

1. See my sequel (Change of Life) through production and have a great book launch (April 20, 2016)
2. Find publishing homes for Cold Spring and His Other Mother, my unpublished novels
3. Finish the three-quel: Face the Change
4. Finish the research for Cold Spring’s untitled sequel and start writing it again
5. Revise my middle grades piece: Rat Jones and the Lacrosse Zombies, and get it out there for consideration
6. Sell enough copies of Going Through the Change to qualify for SFWA membership

Diane Riggins

Some goals were met last year and some weren’t but that’s okay. I have set up my new goals for the new year and I believe they will be accomplished. Good luck to everyone this year. May we all achieve the goals we set for ourselves this year. 🙂

Here are my goals for the year:

  1. Publish at least 2 books and/or at least 4 to 5 short stories.
  2. Finish what I call phase 1 of the game design project
  3. Start my company
  4. Set writing goals for myself and stick to them
  5. Work on another project with other authors (possibly find a writing partner to work with on several projects)

Look forward to hearing about goals everyone has for 2016 🙂

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