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Interview with Samantha Bryant August 5, 2015

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Elizabeth Hein interviewed me today. After you’re done with my book, you should read both of hers!

Scribbling In The Storage Room

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It’s my pleasure to share the storage room today with fellow Insecure Writer, Samantha Bryant to talk about her latest book. Going Through the Change is going through a change in price for a couple of days in early August. On August 5th and 6th you can get the Kindle edition for free on Amazon. Check it out at: http://bitly.com/face-the-change

Interview with Samantha Bryant, author of Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I’m a middle school Spanish teacher by day and a novelist by night. I also have a home and family to maintain (husband, teenager, third grader, and rescue dog), so I’m chronically busy. Besides writing, I love to travel (when I can afford it), watch old movies, read, and bake.

Q: That does sound busy! How do you fit writing into your life?

A: Determination. When…

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More Than One Kind of Woman Can be a Hero: Guest Post by Samantha Bryant

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Dave Higgins was kind enough to host me today. You can read the post here.


In a variation from both the usual author, today’s post is written by Samantha Bryant whose novel, Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel, I reviewed a few months ago.

Portrayals of women in speculative fiction have come a long way. When my parents were children, (the fifties), female characters were there to be rescued or objectified (or both if possible). Think Flash Gordon or George Reeve’s Superman. Very few female characters, and all of them in peril. Lots of skimpy lamé costuming, and hysterical responses to danger. It got a little better into the sixties, with Star Trek and Lost in Space, where women at least were part of the crew and not just a liability to male heroes.

In my childhood (the seventies), female characters had more agency, and even took the lead role in some settings. Think Charlie’s Angels and Wonder Woman

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Interview with Samantha Bryant August 4, 2015

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An interview on Baked Scribe. Feeling almost famous 🙂


My Paper Baby Learns to Crawl (by Samantha Bryant) August 3, 2015

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Yay! Kate McIntyre was kind enough to host an article by me on her blog today.

Writings of Kate McIntyre

change1There are so many other talented authors at my publisher, Curiosity Quills! One of them is the clever and funny Samantha Bryant, whose debut novel GOING THROUGH THE CHANGE about menopausal superheroines is unique, witty, brilliant, and even important. I can’t remember the last genre book I’ve read where women over fifty get the spotlight! I loved the book and you all should definitely get a copy to see it for yourself. The following is a guest post from Samatha herself as she talks about the process I’m currently going through: the first few months of your book’s life. Enjoy!

My Paper Baby Learns to Crawl

Whew, motherhood! They grow up so fast! My baby is already three months old as I  write this. Not my literal baby—those are 8 and 15 (!)—but my paper baby. My debut  novel: Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel.  Paper babies grow…

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Guest Post: So, you want to write a superhero story? by Samantha Bryant August 1, 2015

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Look! I’m on No Wasted Ink, Wendy Van Camp’s fabulous blog 🙂

No Wasted Ink


Superhero is a small, but thriving niche genre under the speculative fiction umbrella. It includes stories with characters and worlds you might already know and love as well as brand new inventions. In some of these stories, superheroes are a brand new thing that no one has ever seen before; in others, they are a known entity and work together in quasi-military groups. Anything is possible.

There have been some great superhero novels and short stories published in the past decade or so, and more great stories are popping up all the time. (Here’s a post I did for DIY MFA featuring five of my favorites). Thanks to the popularity of superhero movies and TV shows, it looks promising for continued growth for a while yet. The potential is endless. There’s room for lots of great storytelling here in the superhero tent, so I’m happy you’re thinking of joining our…

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The Mussorgsky Riddle by Darin Kennedy

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Darin Kennedy and I share a publisher and after this review I’m even more curious about his book. Moving it up the TBR list.


The Mussorgsky Riddle by Darin KennedyFilled with the looming horror, comedy, hope, gritty images, and soaring possibilities of its inspiration, Kennedy has created a novel that encompasses several genres without sacrificing the depth of any.

Mira Tejedor makes her career as a psychic, finding people and objects when others can’t. Compared to the harrowing images of a kidnapping case, the request to help a psychologist find the cause of a thirteen-year-old boy’s semi-catatonia seems like the rest she needs. She quickly discovers Anthony Faircloth’s psyche is shattered into pieces matching the movements of Pictures at an Exhibition. At first, the greatest danger seems to be failing to gain Anthony’s trust, but the further Mira travels into the suite, the more she discovers the trauma that broke Anthony’s mind might not be over, or targeting Anthony alone.

While many stories are inspired by pieces of music, keeping the music visible throughout another without the sense…

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