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More Than One Kind of Woman Can be a Hero: Guest Post by Samantha Bryant August 5, 2015

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Dave Higgins was kind enough to host me today. You can read the post here.


In a variation from both the usual author, today’s post is written by Samantha Bryant whose novel, Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel, I reviewed a few months ago.

Portrayals of women in speculative fiction have come a long way. When my parents were children, (the fifties), female characters were there to be rescued or objectified (or both if possible). Think Flash Gordon or George Reeve’s Superman. Very few female characters, and all of them in peril. Lots of skimpy lamé costuming, and hysterical responses to danger. It got a little better into the sixties, with Star Trek and Lost in Space, where women at least were part of the crew and not just a liability to male heroes.

In my childhood (the seventies), female characters had more agency, and even took the lead role in some settings. Think Charlie’s Angels and Wonder Woman

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