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My Paper Baby Learns to Crawl (by Samantha Bryant) August 3, 2015

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Yay! Kate McIntyre was kind enough to host an article by me on her blog today.

Writings of Kate McIntyre

change1There are so many other talented authors at my publisher, Curiosity Quills! One of them is the clever and funny Samantha Bryant, whose debut novel GOING THROUGH THE CHANGE about menopausal superheroines is unique, witty, brilliant, and even important. I can’t remember the last genre book I’ve read where women over fifty get the spotlight! I loved the book and you all should definitely get a copy to see it for yourself. The following is a guest post from Samatha herself as she talks about the process I’m currently going through: the first few months of your book’s life. Enjoy!

My Paper Baby Learns to Crawl

Whew, motherhood! They grow up so fast! My baby is already three months old as I  write this. Not my literal baby—those are 8 and 15 (!)—but my paper baby. My debut  novel: Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel.  Paper babies grow…

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