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The Science of Persuasion Applied to Author Marketing July 16, 2015

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Some good tips to consider when trying to sell books!

Kate M. Colby

marketingOne of my coworkers posted this video to the Marketing group on our company “chatter” feed. It explains six factors that influence individuals during the decision-making process. Long story short, people are insanely busy and overwhelmed with the fast pace of life. Therefore, instead of considering all available information, they use shortcuts to make decisions. Scientists have identified six of these that are universal.

As I watched the video, I began thinking of the concepts not in terms of our company business, but in terms of my author-entrepreneur business (a habit of which I am often guilty). I highly encourage you to watch the video and see what insights you can glean for yourself. However, if video isn’t your preferred medium, no worries. I’ve broken down the concepts and listed a few marketing ideas for each for you!

1.  Reciprocity

What have you done for me? Why should I do something for you?

If you…

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