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Guest Post with K. Lynn May 27, 2015

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K. Lynn is a personal friend and her new book is wonderful.

Scribbling In The Storage Room

I’d like to introduce you all to K. Lynn. She and I have been writer buddies for several years now and I am excited to share a tiny spark of her brilliance with you today. She is an awesome critique partner, a wealth of knowledge, and a good friend. Over the last few years, she has patiently nudged me out of my lazy syntactical habits and introduced me to the LGBT genre through her books.

K. Lynn has been on a publishing tear lately. His Womanly Ways comes out today and she has a novella coming out in July. (Stay tuned to hear more about that work closer to release day.) K. Lynn joins us today in the storage room to talk about the process she went through when designing the cover for her new novel.

A cover is worth a thousand words. At least, to me it is. Going into the…

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