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Annual Meeting: December 3, 2016 December 3, 2016

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I had such a great time at this event. Both Lee and Jeremy were fabulous, witty, and charming. The food made me feel really spoiled. And now I get to be on the board, too. Awesomesauce!

Friends' Matters

Friends of the Orange County Public Library hosts their annual meeting on Saturday, December 3, 2017, from 10am-12 noon. The meeting will be held in the main branch of the Orange County Public Library in Hillsborough.

Featured speakers will be:

  • Julie Cusatis, emcee
  • Jeremy Hawkins, author of The Last Days of Video
  • Lee Smith, author of Dimestore: A Writer’s Life

Open to the public. A free catered brunch will be provided.


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The Problem with Choice November 27, 2016

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Some excellent and clear explanations about the ways this country shoots itself in the foot in our educational systems, then complains about not being able to run very fast.

Pauline Hawkins

I know too many people who are not educators (and some who are) that are in favor of the choice movement in education. The biggest reason people want choice is to improve the education for their own children and then create competition so that other schools will be forced to improve or shut down. Unfortunately, both reasons are based in misconceptions about education.

I will concede that “choice” is not a bad thing when you are talking about businesses, service industries, and commodities. We definitely want businesses to compete for our money. Competition makes businesses strive for excellence. That’s why people, outside of education mostly, thought that “choice” would make all schools better, but it hasn’t.

Why? First, because education is not a business; it is a human right (Article 26) that is protected as part of our inalienable fundamental rights to which people are…

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Feeling Less Worst

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A great video with some very practical advice for dealing with depression. #holdontothelight


I’m not depressed, and I hope none of you are either; however, if you or someone you know is, this might help.

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The Call to Adventure November 25, 2016

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I’ve ignored it twice in my life. At least. Which is kind of a big deal. For those who don’t know, the Call to Adventure is the first stage of the Hero’s Journey as outlined by Jo…

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Writers: Judge Yourself by Your Own Standards November 18, 2016

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Some good points here to consider. Finishing something just to finish it isn’t always the healthiest/best choice. I like to look at what other writers are doing for inspiration and motivation in the sense of personal competition, but I also know that not everyone has the same variety platter that is currently “my plate” in life.

Kate M. Colby

‘Comparisonitis’ is the most infectious disease in the writer community. Can you blame us? When John’s book has 100 five-star reviews and Jane has written six books this year and Joe has landed a major publishing deal, it’s difficult not to feel jealous and shame yourself for what you are/aren’t accomplishing.

Here’s your gentle reminder to CUT. IT. OUT.

nanowrimo-badgeAs I’m writing this post, we’re halfway through NaNoWriMo 2016. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is an online challenge where writers attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Some writers meet this goal in 24 hours (seriously — here’s proof), while others struggle to write 1,000 words over the entire month. NaNoWriMo is a great way to kickstart your writing project and meet new writer friends … but it’s also a vehicle for self-doubt. As you watch your ‘Buddies’ word counts climb, it can spur you to work harder or…

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Getting Out of My Own Way: Building a Writing Life By Samantha Bryant (Guest Blogger) October 3, 2016

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Hey, that’s me🙂

A writer & her adolescent muse


I’ve had it pretty easy in my writing life. Grammar and syntax come naturally to me. I had great English teachers who praised my creativity and encouraged me. My mother was a reader who indoctrinated me early in the joys of fiction, with the help of a great library. No one suggested that writing wasn’t a good career choice, or that I needed to be more practical. I’ve had support out the wazoo.

So far as a crucible to forge a writer in, my childhood was a good one.

Many writers have had more to overcome—unsupportive or outright abusive families, second languages, mental health issues, political persecution. All that is to say that I know I have very #firstworldproblems when it comes to my writing life.

See, I was always going to be a writer. Ask people who knew me in first grade. It’s always been on my agenda. An…

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Read Chapter One of The Courtesan’s Avenger September 7, 2016

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I read and really enjoyed The Cogsmith’s Daughter and am anxiously awaiting book 2. If you like a strong heroine and stories of intrigue and double cross, you’ll love it.

Kate M. Colby

perf5.250x8.000.inddWant a preview of The Courtesan’s Avenger (Desertera #2)? Click the link below to read the first chapter now.

SPOILER ALERT: This chapter contains spoilers for The Cogsmith’s Daughter (Desertera #1)If you have yet to read TCD, I highly recommend you do it first — it’s only $0.99 until September 20th.

Read Chapter One of The Courtesan’s Avenger now!

And remember: you can pre-order the ebook today. It comes with an exclusive Q&A with me about the novel and my plans for the rest of the Desertera series. Click here to pre-order yours.

Paperbacks will be available in two weeks.

Happy reading!

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